East Austin Studio Tour 2018

(don’t worry, we’ll have snacks)



  • the first dedicated exhibition of my pal Andrea’s glass work (#200)

  • and the world premier of my photography and videography in physical, public display (#199).


Featuring Pulsar Rendezvous, Mazwah, and several other friends who make music who I will wrangle, exhort, and strongarm into playing on my stage in the back yard. I will also be jamming out with whoever shows up, whenever I get bored and/or tired of being social around my artwork.

Space and Time

November 10, 11 and 17, 18; 11-6pm each day

3701 Govalle Ave
Just South-West of Airport and Springdale, across the street from the Austin Bouldering Project, on the same block as Canopy, and on your calendar for all day, every day.


I need a picture of my house here

maybe later